Tiger flapping on January 29th Paris saint germain club today in the official announced p aredes, Argentine on contract signing ceremony, said “can join Paris st germain, feel very proud.” “Before I had to play in Italy and Russia had experience.Now, this is a great op portunity, not only can explore a new league, and still can put on belongs to one of the world’s most prestigious club shirt.I want to thank the trust of the President of the club and coach to me.We all know that Paris st germain has extraordinary players in competitive and excellent staff.I and they have the same am bition,Read More →

execution of orders, hengyang city intermediate people’s court of endangering public se curity with dangerous method of criminal Yang praise cloud executed in accordance with the law. At seven o ‘clock on September 12, 2018, 30, the criminal Yang xiang D133ZY praise cloud driving land r over into hengdong county Mi jiang square, impact roller compaction, and its folding shovel knife cut, the sword of the crowd at the scene.Then Yang praise cloud was police arrested.A total of 15 people died in the in cident, 6 people seriously injured, 28 people minor injuries, minor injury, 3 damage slightly. On December 12, 2018, hengyang city intermediateRead More →

  January 29 at 7 PM, next to the clock tower to see Chinese reporters, “suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors” face is not bright, “beilin welcome you” brand has been moved to the flow er bed next to the edge.Beside the suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors, have crane truck on the side of the road.   Late on January 28th, clock tower near the “suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors” netizens, by scanning the face phot os, can put your own face projection to the Terra Cotta Warriors in the face.”Suddenly turn hostile the Terra Cotta Warriors” photo quickly triggered heated debateRead More →

  Takeaway: “doctor” women with sexual assault case with the new progress of three crimes, the doctor was sentenced to six years in four months   Remember last year chengdu that invade female patients with a doctor?After a few months, his decision finally down.Recently, check the official weibo notice, chengdu shuangliu district peo ple’s procuratorate prosecution that “doctors” women with sexual assault case with the new progress of the criminal sus pect of criminal evidence, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment in accordance with the law.   The victim li mou is a young beautiful women, but there has been a problem bothering her, is how to cure bromhidrosis.Day inRead More →

  27, rainie in personal social account bask in a group photo with good sisters michelle C hen, and a caption said: “sisters and so-called.My baby cyclone back to Taiwan for work, will fly out tom orrow, still take time to come to my house to meet with me tonight.Although only a short span of more than one hour, bu t good meet, all my pajamas with large plain yan, strong filter can only cover up the yellow face shiva.Then michelle Chen su n do as good sisters also said: “I like us”, in the picture two people on the lens show MOE and lovely girl.Read More →

  On January 28th in the morning, Hong Kong media reported the Cecilia cheung three son’s birth certificate.   The entertainment circle, however, there is no crack, a mystery instead let it fan and fan.   According to certify that the above information, “the little prince” is the born of the Hong K ong sanatorium and hospital, is now three months old.He is like my mother family name “zhang”, called “the ritual”, English name is called Marcus.   And the most focus father column, information is blank!”The little prince” the father of identity is still uncertain.   Be worth what carry is, according to the birth registration ordinance of HongRead More →

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on October 22 in the morning, west re-sche duled week 9 rounds, barak away 1-0 win against real betis.Regal Angulo heroics.   1 minute, after receiving the ball, outside at the big shot, his ball above the uppe r right corner of the goal.The 16th minute, valladolid issued a direct free kick, outside at the big shot, his ball higher goal on the upper left corner.18th minu te, after receiving the ball, oona outside at the big shot, his blasted out of the left colum n.After 20 minutes, W – carvalho pass, barthes pull outside at the big shot, his ballRead More →

Xinhua gaza in January 25 (xinhua Yang Yu anyuan Zhao) Qatar officials announced 25th in the gaza strip, Qatar will put the original plan for the Pal estinian islamic resistance movement (hamas) of $15 million for humanitarian projects in the gaza strip. Qatar reconstruction committee chair man Mohammed armadillo day in the gaza strip, said at a news conference h eld in the gaza strip, hamas leaders tell Qatar, hamas refused to accept the assistance by Israel’s conditions, so de cided to cooperation and coordination with the United Nations, using the money for humanitarian projects in the gaza st rip, including helping poor families, improvementRead More →

Hebei handan guangping 4 xiaoyu (a pseudonym) and wavelet (a pseudonym), 6, lost in the message, since January 23, brush screen in the locals circle of friends.After the incident, the two ch ildren’s family entrust others undertakes putting “, “said 23 around two o ‘clock in the afternoon, two children together in guangping Jin Zhuang village west in play, more than 4 PM in the day, the parents found the missing child.Family members say, the ch ild lost after they have been looking for, hope that the man took the child and contact them. North green to the reporter understands, called the police after childrenRead More →

There has been a lot of controversy about whether to help the old people who fall down on the Internet. Previously, there were news reports that pedestrians were blac kmailed by their families in hospitals after they helped the fallen elderly. In fact, this is also a practical problem. Many elderly people will suffer from var ious kinds of illnesses as they get older, and their health will also deteriorate. Once they fall to the ground, they will prob ably suffer from fracture and other problems. After being sent to the hos pital, there are also many problems of old and new diseases. Medical expensesRead More →