city produced by compressed hydrogen fed into fuel cells, are important in building a green ene rgy future, as they are generally considered zero-emission and clean, according to Hu. Such vehicles have long cruising ranges and can be refueled within three to five minutes. In addition, the performance of fuel cell vehicles is not greatly affected by the change o f seasons, he said, referring to winter’s adverse effect on the life of lithium batteries. In recent years, the company has made moves to advance in the field, as bo th the central and local governments are eyeing the potential of hydrogen fuel cells toRead More →

  northward and on Friday passed through the westerlies at last.   On Saturday morning, a tropical low pressure moving rapidly eastward affec ted Xuelong’s navigation, causing storms and around 3.5-meter-high swells in the sea.   Xuelong is expected to sail out of the low pressure area and enter calmer waters later in Saturday. It is scheduled to be back to Shanghai in mid-March.   During this mission to Antarctica, Xuelong left Shanghai on Nov 2 and arrived at Zhongshan Station on Nov 30.   TAIPEI – A survey of more than 1,000 employees in Tai wan shows that 88.9 percent of them are dissatisfied with their current sal ary,Read More →

Legal professionals from Hong Kong and Macao will be allowed to work as arbitrators in Nansha district of Guangz hou as part of an effort by Guangdong province to strengthen cooperation with the two special administrative regions. Nansha lies within the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has approved the introduction of the legal professionals, who will work at the Court of Arbitration for Labor and Personnel Disputes to settle competing claims. Sources at the court said the Hong Kong-and Macao-based arbitrators will be signific ant in promoting the business environment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.Read More →

Trump claimed his administration had achieved “more than almost any administration in the history of the country” — and was met with open laughter. National security adviser John Bolton, a former ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush, was openly hosti le toward the UN during his 2005 to 2006 tenure. The Trump administration has cut US contributions to the UN, pulled out of several of UN organizations and opposed core UN-backed initiatives in recent years, including the Paris Agreement on climate and the Iran nuclear deal. Trump had wanted a woman to lead the US delegation at the United Nations, so urcesRead More →

  Sen. Dianne Feinstein clashed Friday with a group of children over climate change policy, criticizing their requests that she back the Green New Deal, ac cusing them of presenting an ultimatum and contrasting their inability to vote with her three decades in office.   The exchange comes as moderate Democrats grapple with the Green New Deal, a 10-yea r plan to mitigate climate change championed by progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.   In a video posted on Facebook by the Sunrise Movement, a youth climate-change advocacy group, more than a dozen ch ildren and several adults meet with the senator to present herRead More →

  artists, according to the concert’s website. These include huge names in Latin America, like Colombian musical legends Carl os Vives, Juanes and reggaetón singer Maluma — all three of whom have collaborated with pop-star Shakira in the past.   Swedish DJ Alesso is also on the lineup, alongside Mexican rock band Mana, who have won seven Latin Grammys and four Grammys, and Spanish singer and songwriter Alejandro Sanz.   Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who invoked a constitutional provision last month to declare himself acting pres ident, has been working with a raft of global partners, including the United States, to bring aid into the co untry.Read More →

  rejected the humanitarian aid it would bring in. Accepting foreign supplies during the curren t political crisis would be tantamount to accepting foreign political intervention, from Maduro’s point of view.   When the US sent a shipment of medical and food supplies to the Venezuelan border last we ek, Maduro’s regime installed a blockade on one of the bridges that connect Venezuela and Colombia.   Just a week ago on state television, Maduro dismissed Guaido’s init iative, saying “Venezuelans are not beggars.” But patriotism did not prevent Maduro fro m accepting $9 million from the UN in November 2018.It’s hard to see how the opposition, which controlsRead More →

  properties” and materials made from them are elastic, flexible and strong. They also have therm al, self-healing and electrical conducting capabilities, which gives the potential for some new applications.   The massive floating device created to clean up plastic in the ocean has broken   One could be to create a self-healing, recyclable fabric by making a coati ng that is resistant to damage caused by washing machines. That could reduce the number of clothing microfibers that end up being washed into the oceans, which contributes to microplastic pollution.   SRT proteins could also be used to make protective clothing for chemical and biological warfare agents, say theRead More →

  Japan’s top companies are losing patience with the United Kingdom as Brexit fast approaches.   Honda (HMC) became the latest to reduce its exposure to the British economy, announcing Tuesday that it will shu tter its only manufacturing plant in the country by 2021, a move that is expected to result in the loss of at least 3,500 jobs.   The company denied any link with Brexit but auto industry experts sa id the uncertainty over future market access and the risk of tariffs must have played a part.   Honda’s bombshell follows the decision by rival automaker Nissan (NSANF) to sc rap plans to build a newRead More →

  One particularly thoughtful touch is the hotel’s use of photographs. If a couple is celebrating an anniversary, for example the staff will often track down a wedding photograph and place it bedside during turndown service.   For a wedding held on site recently, the staff even went so far as to print a photo from the wedding that took place earlier th at day, to have it ready to display in the couple’s bridal suite after the evening’s festivities.   For another guest with Irish heritage who was hoping to reconnect with his roots, a staffer wa s able to track down a local Gaelic hurling clubRead More →