become increasingly cautious about deepening cooperation with China because of its rapid developm ent; in fact, a few EU countries have decided to implement tougher measures for foreign trade. The European Commission even put forward a 10-point policy package on China on March 11, which the European Council discussed on March 21. But the fact that the Commission sees China as a “cooperation partner”, “negotiating partner”, “eco nomic competitor” as well as a “systemic rival” means it wants to build on the partnership of strategic cooperation with China. The EU’s attempt to coordinate the concerns of its different members and its efforts to continue dialogueRead More →

The first tube of the world’s widest immersed channel is expected to be put in position of a mega bridge across the Lin gding Bay at the mouth of the Pearl River in South China soon, according to an assistant chief engineer of the project. Yang Runlai from CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co Ltd said Thursday that workers are preparing for the connection of a tunnel end on an island with the first immersed tube, the Science and Technology Daily reported. Yang’s company took charge of constructing an island and major part of the tunnel of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bri dge, another mega project of bridge,Read More →

China has become the world’s second-largest source of “unicorn companies” accordi ng to the latest report on China unicorn companies by the Evergrande Research Institute. With 88 in total, China is the world’s second-largest source of unicorn compani es following the US with 151. The report cited data from IC Insight gathered between 2013 and Dec 31, 2018. Twenty-two companies worldwide were included as super unicorn companies in 2018 and C hina’s Fintech company Ant Financial ranked first in value worth $150 billion, the report said. The US and China had the greatest number of new sup r unicorns worth $10 billion last year withRead More →

China has released 11.25 million spectra of celestial objects acquired by the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) to astrono mers worldwide, according to the National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Friday. As the world’s largest spectral survey telescope, LAMOST mark s the world’s first spectral survey project to obtain more than 10 million spectra. Spectra are key for astronomers to read celestial bodies’ chemical compositions, densities, atmospheres and magnetism. Among the released spectra, there are 9.37 million high-quality spec tra, which is twice the total number of other astronomic surveys internationally. Th ere are also 6.36Read More →

held the original ruling, and said the two companies should stop their infringement immediately. The Shanghai IP Court will further calculate the exact amou nt of compensation that the two Chinese companies should pay to Valeo, accor ding to the verdict. During the first trial, Valeo had requested compensation of 6 million yuan ($893,000). Wednesday’s trial is of great significance as it shows China’s growing efforts in protecting IPR, the top court said in a release. “It shows the country’s strong determination in fighting infringement, and intensif ied judicial protection for IPR and innovation-driven development,” said Ma Yide, an intel lectual property professor from ZhongnanRead More →

Taking a step requires just one second for a typical person. But not for Gao Ziren, whose paral yzed left leg requires him to first move a crutch forward before his leg, and then balance himself. For 42 years, Gao, a teacher at Lixin village primary school in a mountainous area of East China’s Jiangxi province, has walked th is way between his home, the school and his students’ homes. Over the course of his career, he has worn out more than 60 crutches. Gao, 60, was born in a mountainous area of Meiling township, Wanli district of Nancha ng. After coming down with polioRead More →

hnology and brand advantages, it has become one of the main destinations for Chinese ente rprises’ overseas investment in recent years, with the scale of investment gradually increasing. The establishment of the China-Italy Government Committee and dialogue mechanisms such as regul ar meetings between the Chinese premier and Italian prime minister has provided a solid institutional foundation for cooperation bet ween the two countries. And frequent high-level interactions between the two sides have deepened their economic ties. But there is still enough room to expand Sino-Italian economic relations. In terms of trade, th e industrial structures of China and Italy are highly complementary, and theRead More →

 Party of China Jiangsu Provincial Committee, the province’s top leadership, held a meeting on measures to be taken. Lou Qinjian, Party chief of Jiangsu, said at the meeting that the province should learn the “bloody lesson” and “retrospect from the soul”. The incident is the result of poor implementation of the responsibility syst em for production safety, as well as bureaucracy and formalis m in supervision, according to a statement released after the meeting. Jiangsu immediate launched safety inspections on chemical production, transportation and storage facilities after the incident. Operations will be suspen ded once any safety hazard is spotted. If a company fails toRead More →

 cultural significance but also a matter related to national pride. And for the families that owned them and lost them to foreign pillagers, the antiques are related to their family heritage. The mission of recovering lost Chinese cultural relics will continue. In the past few years, pa triotic Chinese businesspeople overseas have been buying relics that have been auctioned and d onated them to national museums of the motherland. That’s a good move, but not the best solution. The return of 796 cultural relics sets a good example because the Carabinieri Art Squad, an Italian police unit respons ible for combating cultural relics-related crimes, hasRead More →

t specialists have deepened concerns of consumers troubled by hair loss. From 2016 to 20 17, firms specializing in hair transplants saw an average annual sales growth of over 100 percent. Beijing-based Yonghe Hair Transplant has 33 outlets nationwide. Its advertisem ents mark broadcasts of popular TV series in China, and adorn walls of several subway stations. “With the development of hair transplant and hair care technologies, and amid growing anxiety of consumers suffering ha ir loss, strategic marketing is helping hair transplant agencies to post continuous growth,” Wang said. Stress-inducing lifestyles are creating demand for other kinds of products as well. A large nRead More →