medium-sized airport, said Vicki Mou, chief of corporate communication & policy resear ch office of Macao International Airport. Besides regional business aircraft services, the airport focu上海会所 ses on Southeast Asian market, connecting Macao and many attractions in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and 上海会所品茶微信some other Southeast Asian countries, which enriches international routes in the Greater Bay Area, said Mou. An aerotropolis with high economic efficiency 上海会所 “Our vision is to engineer our city’s airport to become an aerotropolis with high econom 上海会所ic efficiency and diversified employment opportunities,” said Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR. Hong Kong is gearing up to play an evenRead More →

 classics, is of extraordinary literary value and cultural significance. A rerun of the TV series on the Thailand national TV statio n, aside from being a tribute to the classic, can promote cultural exchanges between our two countries as well上海会所 as enhance the ties between our people, said Chang Yumeng, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. 上海会所品茶微信Dressed in a long-sleeved chiffon top and an orange pleated skirt, bilibili vlogger Shi Shanyi flourished her round fan as she faced the camera and told viewers about the beautiful hanfu, the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group.上海会所 Unlike other people who wear traditional ethnic clothing onRead More →

osed by new economic scenarios.The summit is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the St 上海会所上海品茶ate Administration for Industry and Commerce as well as Guangdong provincial government. An Asia-Europe seminar on SME Financing will kick off on Oct 11Focusing on fundin g SMEs, it aims to bring light to the strains caused by the difficulties of raising capital.上海会所 Organizers will invite 300 government officials, experts and financi al institution insiders from 53 members of the Asia Europe Meeting to the seminar. They will bring up their successful cases, to clarify the new service models for financing SMEs. They will look at broaderRead More →

ington continued t上海会所品茶微信o tighten sanctions against Tehran and the two sides traded barbs. Last week, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a US drone, which Iran said had crossed Iranian borders. Tehran will take judicial measures concerning the US move in deploying a “spy drone into Iranian airspace as a viol ation of the international law,” said Laya Joneidi, vice president for legal affairs in the Iranian administration. But the United States said the drone, a US Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk, was flying over international waters when it was downed. The United States also carried out cyber attacks against Iranian m issileRead More →

Farm Bill was signed. “Where we believe consumers are being put at risk, the FDA will warn consumers and take enforcement actions.” But since the bill was passed, manufacturers see a potentially huge market and aren’t holding back on offering products to consumers. In the retail sector, DSW, Neiman Marcus and Barneys recently began selling beauty pr oducts featuring CBD. “There is a demand for highend CBD products,” Kim D’Angelo, Neiman Ma rcus’ beauty buyer, told CNN Business. “CBD products are the next big thing in beauty.” CVS, the No 1 drugstore chain, in the US, introduced CBD-contai ning topicals, including creams and salves, toRead More →

Chinese scientists have developed two possible vaccines for the African swine fever virus, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences announced on Friday. The research was led by Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, which is affiliated to the academy. Researchers have determined the minimum amount required to produce adequate immunization, and hav e proved they are safe when used in large quantity and repetitively, the academy said, adding more research and tests are nee ded before the vaccines can be submitted to authorities for inspection and approval. Currently there is no effective vaccine for African swine fever, although research and development of potentialRead More →

Air China, the country’s leading carrier, has formally requested compensation from Boeing Co for th e grounding of its 15 737 MAX aircraft and delayed deliveries of future planes, the company said Wednesday. China Southern Airlines, another of China’s “big three” State-run carriers, has also officially asked the US aircraft-maker for compensation involving its 24 gro unded MAX aircraft and postponed deliveries of such planes, CCTV reported the same day. Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines had already sought compensa tion from Boeing for incurring considerable losses after the grounding of the 737 MAX aircr aft following two major crashes, according to a previous China Daily reportRead More →

n emerging trend that will benefit animal protection work in the long run. The survey, released last week, found that more than 90 perce nt of Chinese travelers who had participated in an overseas wildlife tour said they would take into account whether their activities negatively affected the animals before making future tour decisions. “Wildlife-friendly travel plays a crucial role in the healthy growth of wildlife tourism. The research shows the responsibility that Chinese travelers would like to take, which is very enc ouraging,” said Zhao Zhonghua, chief representative of the World Animal Protection China office. The research was based on 2,206 questionnaires and jointlyRead More →

More than one million people have visited the Beijing International Horticultura l Exhibition since it opened on April 29, the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition Coordination Bureau said. At 11 am May 17, Yan Shuchen from Zhangjiakou of Hebei province became the one-millionth visitor to the expo. When his family of three entered the Gate No 1, two officials of the bureau w alked toward them and after congratulating them, presented them a gift, a pair of mascots for the expo. Yan said he drove his wife and daughter fromtech companies began to freeze the supply o f components and software to Huawei Technologies after theRead More →

Shares of Luckin Coffee, a fast-growing rival to Starbucks in China, rose 20 percent in their US stock market debut Friday. The Chinese company, which opened its first store in Beijing less than two years ago, has 2,370 locations and plans to surpass the 3,700 stores Starbucks has in China by the end of the year. But unlike Starbucks, Luckin is losing money. It brought in $125 million in revenue last year, but spent much more than that on coffee beans, store rent and other costs. Last year, it lost $475 million. Most of Luckin’s stores are small, have few seats and are used mainlyRead More →