ologies to help g上海品茶微信女神会所rade papers and scan for errors, make suggestions, or notice when the students veer too far off topic. Similar projects are also in the works in the US, such as Gradescope, a n online grading application developed at the University of California, Berkeley, that clai ms to be able to grade exams, homework and code assignments in half the usual time. Beijing National Day School is arguably the most futuristic middle sc hool in China. The 67-year-old institution has no head teachers and no set classrooms. It also offers different schedules for every one of its 4,500 students, who can choose fromRead More →

e 2013 has violated the Anti-Monopoly Law by setting up minimum resale prices for its downstream dealers in Chongqing. This impinged on downstream dealers’ pricing autonomy and excluded a nd limited competition within the brand, said the administration, adding that this pra ctice weakened competition between brands and encroached on consumers’ legitimate rights. In accordance with the Anti-Monopoly Law, the market regulator fined Changan Ford four percent of its past -year sales in Chongqing. The administration said it will continue to enforce the Anti-Monopoly L aw, ensure fair competition in the market, create a sound business environment, pro mote high-quality economic development, and protect consumers’Read More →

The RMB’s daily trading reference, or the central parity for onshore trading, has been stabilized ar ound 6.89 per dollar for eight days from May 20, and market watchers said market-oriented depreciation pressure was losing steam. Yi Gang, the central bank governor, has said several times that the PBOC has ceased dir ect intervention in foreign exchange markets, and the performance of RMB is addressed mainly by market forces. General Wei Fenghe, China’s defense minister, will attend the coming Shangri-La Dialogue set to open on Friday in Singapore according to Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the Defense Ministry. Wei’s attendance will be the secondRead More →

The Chinese government has accorded priority to achieving stable and expanding employment among its six stabilization tasks. The importance of stable employment has also been highligh ted in this year’s Government Work Report. And the State Council, China’s Cabinet, recently established the Emp loyment Work Leading Group headed by Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua to deal with employment issues. The government is making special efforts to stabilize and expand employment, especially be cause of the intensifying Sino-US trade dispute and the increasing uncertainties in international trade. The China Institute for Employment Research of Renmin University of China has calculated the employment market index, which shows the healthRead More →

 take place on June 17, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative. Gary Hufbauer, a senior fellow and trade expert at the Peterson Institute for Internation al Economics in Washington, said the FDRA letter will add to the pressure on Trump to reach a deal with China. “It will not be totally ignored,” Hufbauer said. Over the past few weeks, business groups have voiced their concern that the escalating tariffs on Chinese imports risked knocking consumers off their feet. The Retail Industry Leaders Association, for example, said in a st atement: “The administration’s decision to announce a tax on every product coming fromRead More →

powered by artificial intelligence.Services will be provided based on the results of a survey of 81 countries China will offer customized data services for disaster prevention thr ough its Fengyun meteorological satellites for more countries along the Belt and Road, said a senior official of the China Meteorological Administration’s National Satellite Meteorological Center. The services will be provided based on the results of a survey of 81 countries. By the end of April, 22 countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Libya and Sudan, had responded to the survey. “From chips to its self-developed operating system, Huawei has long been preparing for in dependent research andRead More →

The pilot of a Russian passenger plane that erupted in a ball of fire on the runway of Moscow’s busiest airp ort, killing 41 of the 78 people aboard, said lightning led to the emergency landing, Agence France-Presse reported. Investigators on Monday were working to understand the causes of the blaze after the Suk hoi Superjet-100 returned to Sheremetyevo airport shortly after takeoff on Sunday evening. Pilot Denis Yevdokimov told Russian media the aircraft lost communication and needed to switch to emergency control mode “because of lightning” on the Aeroflot flight to the Arctic city of Murmansk. He did not specify if the plane wasRead More →

“We’ve been to deserts, grasslands and (sections of) the Silk Road over the years,” Wang says. Wang has booked for her son-who is currently in the fifth grade-a two-week trip to Australia and a two-week trip to the US in August. “He will be sitting in local classes and studying with local children there,” Wang says. Although the outbound-study trips will cost her around 70,000 yuan, she believes it’s money well spent. “He will learn things while having fun in a foreign country, which will open his eyes to the world and enable him to make new friends,” she says. Speaking about the effects ofRead More →

PWC, KPMG, Ernst&Young, UPS, DHL, CMA CGM, HSBC, and VALE International. The food showing area will be 60,000 square meters showing d airy products, vegetables, fruits, meats, aquatic products, snacks, condiments, liquor and bever ages, and the exhibitors will include Nestle, Danone, Fonterra, Theland, Dole, Louis Dreyfus and Cargill. The 12th China Arts Festival will bring a slew of art activities to the Chinese economic and art hub Shanghai. From May 20 to June 2, more than 50 shows selected nationwide will be perform ed in 19 major theaters in Shanghai, over 600 artworks will go on display at the China Art Museum, and aRead More →

New Zealand’s new gun law officially took effect on Friday less than a month after the terror attacks on Christchurch mosques which killed 50 people. Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy signed the law on Thursday night, which was the final step before it becomes law. The New Zealand parliament passed the bill after its third or the final reading on Wednesday night. In acorda nce with the new gun law, possessing military-style semi-automatics (MSSAs) and assault rifles and associated parts will be illegal. The new gun bill, namely the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines and parts) Amendment Bill, won overwhelming support in the parliament as itRead More →