ood jobs in areas that are poor, where good jobs are needed,” he said. “We should celebrate that advancement of econ omic opportunity in the United States. And similarly, we should expand US investment in China.” US goods exports to China declined by 7 percent in 2018, as trade disputes between the two economies began to bite, but still outpaced growth in exports to the rest of the world over the past decade, ac cording to the 2019 State Export Report released earlier this month by the US-China Business Council. The report said China continued to be important to US economic growth, supporting more thanRead More →

 of stock index futures. At present, onshore stock index futures are unavailable to overseas invest ors, and they can only hedge risks associated with investing in A shares through offshore instruments. “After the stock index futures market opens up, investor bases will dive rsify, helping China’s capital market achieve a higher efficiency in asset pricing,” Wang sai d, adding that capital market reform and opening-up is part of China’s moves to promote quality development. “One of the key priorities this year is to accelerate the development o f direct financing and the capital market, to strengthen the capital market’s capacity to pr omote economic growth,”Read More →

ded over Brexit, most agree that it will shape the future of the United Kingdom for generations to come. Pro-Europeans fear Brexit will undermine London’s position as one of the world’s top two financial capitals and weake n the West as it grapples with Donald Trump’s unpredictable US presidency and growing assertiveness from Russia and China. The Liberal Democrats, who campaigned under the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit”, oppose Brexit and want a second referendum to stop it. The loss of Britain for the EU is the biggest blow yet to more than 60 years of efforts to forge European unity after two world wars, thoughRead More →

aker, said its shipments to Huawei have not been affected by the US ban on the latter’s access to US components, Reuters reported on Thursday. On Monday, the US Department of Commerce issued a 90-day temporary license, effective until Aug 19, allowing “specific limited engagement in tra nsactions involving the export, reexport, and transfer of items” to Huawei. Some analysts said the US moves against Huawei will lead to strong support for the unlisted Chinese firm as Huawei is working hard to offset the fallout of the restrictions. Xiang Ligang, director-general of telecom industry association Information Consu mption Alliance, said TSMC’s commitment to continue shippingRead More →

eral merchandise trade between the two countries has declined by more than 15 percent since September 2018, when the second round of tariffs went into effect. “This has also impacted global value chains in East Asia and other trading partners,” the report said. “We’ve seen the trade tariffs that have been introduced on both sides have already been damaging trade,” said Dawn Holl and, chief of the Global Economic Monitoring Branch in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Holland said the adverse effects of trade tensions on economic growth in China “has been partly offset by some stimulus measures”. According to the report,Read More →

importance for economic development and social stability. To better secure the employment of graduates, government at all levels issued policies to redu ce discriminatory practices these new graduates may encounter when hunting for a job. For example, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security said in February that employees are not allowed to def ine positions based on gender or to ask for a female job-seekers’ marital status, to protect women’ rights in the job market. Also, the Ministry of Education required colleges to reinforce campus recruitment activ ities, prohibiting discriminatory information concerning gender, nationality and college levels. According to the ministry, the numberRead More →

ulture and language through the exchange program which is vital for our economic, cultural, education ties and growth, she added. Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia Yang Jun said lan guage is the bridge for a win-win situation and enhancing Namibia-China relations. “The education cooperation begins with language learning and tr aining. It starts in the classrooms and ends in people’s hearts,” he added. UNAM’s Confucius Institute this year enrolled more than 700 stu dents, setting a new record. The institute also opened four more Chinese learning centers in the city of Walvis Bay, Windhoek, and Swakopmund. ashsndt.comRead More →

More officials have been held to account for violations found in central environmental inspections, raising the total nu mber of punished officials to more than 12,000, according to the country’s top environmental watchdog. Most recently, 1,035 officials from eight provincial regions, including Jilin, Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces, were called t o account for their involvement in 89 environmental violations uncovered in the fourth round of inspections from Augu st to September 2017, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said in a news release on Monday. Among the officials, 218 are in positions at the prefecture level, which is just below ministerial level, and 320 holdRead More →

exposed disordered copyright management by stock-image providers, legal professionals said the increased efforts to protect copyright should be applauded. For example, the National Copyright Administration has launched crackdowns against pira ted works every year, aiming to increase copyright protection through administrative measures. Last year, it took online short videos, audio material, literary articles and music as major target s. It eliminated 1.85 million web links with content that infringed copyright, and confiscated 1.23 million pirated works. Wang, the Beijing lawyer, said he appreciated governme nt attempts to protect copyright, but said such efforts are still insufficient. He called for the country to improve copyright-related lawsRead More →

The first batch of enterprises to participate in the secon d China International Import Expo, or CIIE, has been published as the 200-day count down begins, according to China International Import Expo Bureau on Thursday. The planned Enterprise and Business Exhibition area will be 300,000 square meter s and divided into five parts — equipment, consumption, healthcare, food, and trade in service. There will be seven display areas on science-tech life, automobile, equipment, medical eq uipment and healthcare products, quality life, trade in service and food and agricultural products. The science-tech life display area will show case AR and VR, and technologies companies such asRead More →