developers have become limited, aiming to prevent too much capital flows into the property market. Yan Yuejin, director of that Shanghai-based E-house China Research a 上海419 nd Development Institution, added that property developer bellwethers are proac tively paying off their debts and controlling risks, instead of pursuing aggressive expansion. 上海419品茶微信 He regarded it as a positive sign that the market is on a track of more st  上海419eady development and predicted the trend will continue in the second half of this year. Sunac China Holdings Ltd, one of China’s five major property developers, expected the tightenin g regulation to cause a gradual drop in land prices fromRead More →

d in incorporating garbage classification into the rule of law.  上海419品茶微信The regulations for example say that people can be fined up to 2,00 0 yuan for mixed garbage and 50,000 yuan for mixed transportation by units. The regulations also hold that disposable cups and utensils cannot be used in the Shanghai Party internal office and  上海419government organs. Hotels will no longer provide disposable household necessities or they’ll  上海419品茶微信be fined at least 500 yuan and less than 5,000 yuan. Caterers cannot provide disposable tab leware – if they do and fail to make corrections within a time limit, they will be fined the same amount. 上海419 Editor’sRead More →

上海419tions will strengthen the foundation of bilateral ties.Lawyers in Hong Kong joined on Wednesday the wide condemnation against the violent takeover of the city legislative chambers, saying in a statement that it “had crossed th上海419 e line of freedom of expression and could be deemed a political act with a hidden agenda”. They called on the legal community to unite and send a clear message that the Hong Kong Spec ial Administrative Region, a community that upholds the rule of law, will never tolerate violence.上海419女神会所 The statement represented more than 135 members of the legal community, including Maria Tam Waichu, deputy director of the BasicRead More →

President Xi Ji上海419品茶微信nping on Thursday met with Japanese Prime M inister Shinzo Abe ahead of the G20 summit slated to take place in Osaka, Japan. Xi also met with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in earlie上海419女神会所 r in the day on promoting win-win cooperation, multilateralism and free trade. Xi arrived in Osaka on Thursday afternoon for the G20 summit at the invitation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.上海419 Economic issues, other global concerns on agenda in Osaka Every year, leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies gather to discuss econo 上海419女神会所mic and financial matters and coordinate policies on other issues of global significance. Jim O’Neill,Read More →

tion and traffic viol上海龙凤品茶微信ation record, among others, while enterpris es can apply for certain licenses and certificates online via the mini-program. The mini-program is also connected with local government online service platforms in several provinces including Guangdong and Zhejiang, while more loc al e-government services will be connected in the future, the statement said. E-government services via apps and mini-programs are increasingly popular in China amid national and local efforts to cut administrative上海龙凤品茶微信 red tape to benefit residents and businesses alike. A total of 30 provincial-level regions have established int egrated e-government platforms that incorporate the services of pro vincial, city and county governments, accordingRead More →

eking Univer上海419女神会所sity’s National School of Development and a former member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee. “But the adoption of (overly aggressive) macro-polices should be avoided” and there is no need to r epeat 2009-type stimulation this time, Huang said last week. “Because it could have negative c onsequences, including excessive production capacity, inflation and asset bubbles.” Finance ministers and central bank governors from the G20 group gathered in Fukuoka, Japan, over the weekend and discuss ed possible impacts of escalated China-US trade tensions on economic growth. The International Monetary F und and the World Bank have recently downgraded their global growth projections forRead More →

30n Monday, the Chinese government warned students to be aware of po ssible visa restrictions or even rejection if they want to study in the United States. For a period of time, some Chinese who want to pursue their studies in the US have encounte red visa problems, including a longer waiting time for visas to be issued, a shortened term of visa va lidity and a rising rate of visa applications being rejected, according to the Ministry of Education. Such problems are exerting negative influence on Chinese w ho plan to study or are studying in the US, the ministry added. The ministry suggestedRead More →

Museums are not only there for enjoyment; they are education, and as such should be free. While I can appreciate the enormous costs involved in maintainin g and obtaining collections, let the wealthiest 1 percent of the country pay for it. The Met in NYC is technically free; they ask you to give what you can afford. But the ide a of a person or child interested in art not being able to view it because of cost is morally wrong. Free entrance does not attract people, nor does it encourage them to appreciate it. Sure, there are exceptions to this, but by and largeRead More →

ities for UK and China businesses transitioning from investment and infras tructure into an operating phase where British service providers can really benefit. As a matter of fact, many UK companies have already started to profit by playing an active part in projects in the countries involved the Belt and Road Initiative. UK engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald has been working with PetroChina in Iraq and the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for more than 10 years. The Chinese project has h elped Mott MacDonald make $6-10 million in fee revenue each year over the past decade, said Martin Tai, energy div ision generalRead More →

Macao Bridge are expected to see a daily average of 105,000 entry and exit trips during the holiday. More than 670,000 arrivals and departures will be made on average each day via the three ports of Luohu, Futian and Huanggang, which connect the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, as well a s at West Kowloon Station of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, the NIA predicted. It expects that the Gongbei Port linking the mainland and Maca o will see an average of 435,000 inbound and outbound trips each day. The NIA has called on border check agencies to release timely i nformation of theRead More →