icorn” was first used by venture capitalist Aileen Lee six years ago to describe a privately held startups valued at $1 billio n or more, the number of companies matching this label has mushroomed to 326, according to a report. The United States is home to 156 unicorns, nearly half of the world’s total, followed by China with 94 unicorns, Jeff Desj ardins, editor-in-chief of media site Visual Capitalist, said in a report called Visualizing the Unicorn Landscape in 2019. The total valuation of the 326 unicorns has been raised to $1.1 trillio n by investors, of which almost 30 percent is made up byRead More →

China welcomes the United States’ willingness to develop a stable mi litary-to-military relationship, but will remain steadfast in safeguarding national sove reignty and security, a senior Chinese military official said on Saturday in Singapore. In a keynote speech at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue on Saturday morning, acting US Defen se Secretary Patrick Shanahan said that China and the US can still have a cooperative relati onship. Although competition does exist between the two countries, it does not always mean conflict, he added. Shanahan also noted some “destabilizing activities” in Asia and emphasized the US’s military presence and commitment in the region. He called for moreRead More →

types of onshore commodity futures contracts without registering a Chinese entity, and will continuously improve the relate d rules, Lu Dongsheng, an official with the China Securities Regulatory Commission, told a forum on Tuesday Lu also announced other measures to develop China’s commodity fut ures market, such as accelerating the launch of ricThe Shanghai Futures Exchange will open up its nonferrous metals futures contracts to foreign investors, Jiang Yan, Party secretary of the exchange, said at the s ame forum. The bourGuo Shuqing, head of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commissiose will also list a n ew type of futures contract, TSR20 Rubber, whichRead More →

 how enterprises run businesses and overhaul a wide range of industries by using data to create more value,” Lu said. Greater access to China’s financial sector will encourage global investors and dispel the gloom clouding the global econo my amid Beijing’s trade tensions with Washington, according to senior officials and economists. Chinese financial regulators are preparing a comprehensive opening-up, with more new measures in the pipeline. Forei gn institutions with advanced performance in risk management, credit rating, consumer finance, endowments an d health insurance are especially welcome, senior officials stressed over the weekend. The opening measures will offset part of the negative impacts of tradeRead More →

ring the war period and in serving the people in peacetime, with indiffe rence to fame and wealth, Zhang told Xinhua News Agency. He said he has been fulfil ling the oath that he had sworn when joining the Party, and that he doesn’t deserve special recognition for his achievements, since what he did was negligible compared with those who sacrificed their lives in the war. His left leg was amputated seven years ago because of an illness, but Zhang stood up again on his prosthesis. He said he doesn’t want to be a burden for others, and wants his children to work wholehe artedlyRead More →

n a written instruction released on Friday, President Xi Jinping called on society to ca rry forward the spirit and dedication of 95-year-old war hero Zhang Fuqing as China forges ahead in the new era. Xi is also general secretary of the Communist Party of Chin a Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission. Zhang, a native of Shaanxi province, behaved courageously in the Liberation War in 1948, repea tedly achieving military glory. He retired from active service in 1955.Over the following dec ades, he kept his battle achievements a secret, even from his children. His story was made public at the endRead More →

ween China and the United States recently faltered and a large amount of additional tariffs are expected to be imposed on imports from both sides. China will take necessary measures, in response to foreign exchange market flu ctuations, including using a strengthened risk management system, said Pan. He also stressed that authorities would crack down on illegal activities in foreign exchange trading. “China has sufficient policy tools,” said Pan, who is also director of th e State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the country’s foreign exchange regulator. The PBOC vice-governor also confirmed on Sunday that China will continually implement opening-up policies and improve the environment forRead More →

China’s health authorities are advising people to meditate for five minutes a day with the recent launch of a health knowledge promotion project. The project has been jointly initiated by the disease prevention and cont ol and promotion centers under the National Hea lth Commission, China Health Education Center and All-China Journalists Association. They advise a “5125” healthy living concept, suggesting people meditate f ive minutes every day, do physical exercise for one hour every day, master one sport, join one exercise community, take in at least 12 types of food every day and 25 types of food every week. www.gzbbhk.comRead More →

 with all nations is the Chinese way of engaging with the world. Benefiting the people and providing them with stability and prosperity are the distinctive value of Chinese civilization. Keeping reforming and innovating, and advancing with the times are the unchanged spirit of Chinese civilization. Following the rules of nature and uniting human and universe are the philosophy of existence for Chinese civilization. Consultations between China and the United States are not a one-way street, and should be co nducted amid a spirit of equality, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday in Russia. Wang said that it is pointless for oneRead More →

rsity of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitarianism rather than individualism, and they prioritize social order and harmony as well as respect for elders, disc ipline and a paternalistic state along with the primary role of government in economic development. “Asian values are the salient ingredients on how to learn to work togeth er through trust and consequently promote globalization,” Santarita told China Daily. He cited China’s guanxi, a cultural concept that stresses deep personal connections and maintaining relations. “Guanxi is a clear manifestation of a success story of a cultural element that is aptly applied in the business sector. TrustRead More →