Dynasty (1368-1644) novel Fe阿拉爱上海ngshen Yanyi (Creation of the Gods), a mythical retelling of a war from more than 3,000 years ago. Its major storyline unfolds through a subsidiary state’s ruler who leads an army to defeat a tyra阿拉爱上海 nt. The novel fictionalizes a turbulent era when two conflicting human forces get help from supernatural beings such as deities and spirits. 阿拉爱上海One of the fastest-growing entertainment media companies in China, Beijing Culture is credited with several hits, includi ng the country’s all-time top and second-highest grossing films, Wolf Warrior 2 and The Wandering Earth, respectively. From 2016 to 2017, the trilogy project launched a campaign toRead More →

 countries in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and both are imp ortant emerging markets. The two countries have a common wish and great potential for d evelopment, he said, adding that both countries are important forces for promoting a multilateral world. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 45 years ago, relations between China and Brazil have achieved fruitful outcomes, Xi said. The president said it is a critical period for the two countries, and they should forge ahead, and each side should deem the other as a partner for development. Xi called on the two countries to respect, trust and support each other in makingRead More →

thanks to measures to stimulate innovation, optimize the business environmen t and public services, and to strengthen opening-up and cooperation in the digital sector. “China’s high-tech industries, represented by new technologies, new industr ies, and new products, have maintained rapid growth in recent months,” she said. According to the commission, output in the high-tech manufacturing sector rose 8.7 percent ye ar-on-year from January to April, 2.5 percentage points higher than that of industrial output. High-tech ma nufacturing output was responsible for 13.6 percent of industrial output, 1 percentage point higher year-on-year. Output of the electronics and communication equipment manufact uring sector, pharmaceutical manufacturing and aerospaceRead More →

ongzhong, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, said Tianjin would embrace a new era of intelligence, create a new intelligen ce-based economy, step up AI cooperation with other countries and speed up the building of an “intelligent Tianjin”. Li said the city will intensify efforts to boost AI applications in fields of urban management, public services, transportation and logistics, healthcare and security. Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang said China is drafting regulations and standards for regulating AI and will publish them soon. Wang said more effort is needed to make breakthroughs in basic AI theories and coreRead More →

ames was unveiled in February. Plans aim to optimize the venues’ designs and operations to be beneficial to the hosting regions after 2022. “Here, you have the venues from 2008 that are going to be used in 2022 for a complete set of winter sports. This is a wonderful legacy story,” said Juan Anto nio Samaranch, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee. Powering all the 2022 venues using green energy while minimizing environmental impacts, while p lanning for their post-Games operations, are key in venue preparation this year, Liu said. To support the preparations financially, Beijing 2022 has signed nine domestic marketing partners and fourRead More →

ities have grown more quickly than in big cities, including clothing, food, beverages and home appliances, Chen added. During Spring Festival in February, small-town youths in third- an d lower-tier cities outperformed their peers in bigger centers of population in consu mption across major e-commerce platforms, including the number of orders placed and the range of products bought. In third- and fourth-tier cities, total online spending during Spring Festival rose by 55 percent year-on-year, comp ared with 51 percent in first-tier metropolises. Spending by small-town youths on beauty products rose by 7.8 perc ent year-on-year, compared with a 5.4 percent increase among their peers inRead More →

Baidu CEO Robin Li Yanhong’s recent nomination for the country’s highest academic title in engineering has triggered heated debate, with some netizens claiming Li was unqualified bec ause of his search engine’s insufficient regulation of fraudulent medical advertising. Li was one of 531 candidates, including 114 entrepreneurs, who might become academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engi neering at the end of the year, according to a statement released by the academy on April 30. Other nominees include e-commerce giant Alibaba’s technology chief Wang Jian, car maker BYD founder Wang Chuanfu, and Microsoft computer engineer Harry Shum. The candidates wil l be subject to aRead More →

nds set their home in Shanghai, by perfectly fusing with loc al culture,” said Li Mingxun, chief operating officer of Sanrio Shanghai Intern ational Trade, during the launch ceremony at the Le Royal Meridien Shanghai. One of the most popular areas so far is a 14-meter-high wall that goes throughout three floors and features cute remakes of Shan ghai’s landmarks including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, China Art Museum and Garden Bridge. The indoor play area is one of the latest attempts by Shimao to explore theme park business oppo rtunities. The theme park industry is fast expanding in China, with Ping An Securities projectingRead More →

ange has resulted in lower wind speeds in the region. There h as been a downward trend for average wind speeds in the cluster si nce 1960 and especially after 1990. This is in line with the weakening trend of wind speeds made up of cold air from L ake Baikal in Russia, which penetrates into the region from the northwest A multilateral tax cooperation mechanism under the Belt and Road Initiative was establ ished on Thursday in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. It aims to facili tate cross-border trade and investment along BRI routes by helping resolve tax disputes. The nonprofit mechanism, the Belt and RoadRead More →

Thirteen staff writers, photographers and embassy staff from over 10 countries gather for a group photo in Tongxiang city, E ast China’s Zhejiang province on March 30, 2019.The activity “Discover Tongxiang”, co-organized by the gove rnment of Tongxiang city and China Daily, was launched Saturday in Tongxiang city, East China’s Zhejiang prov ince.A group of 13 staff writers, photographers and embassy staff in China from over 10 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Morocco and Hungary attended the activity.They experienced traditions of Qingming Festival, inspected beautiful rural scen ery, explored local characteristics and culture, andRead More →